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NewCo wins prestigious "Best partnerschip Caviar" Award


Multi-lingual near- and offshore Contact center solutions

NewCo publishes whitepaper: "10 reasons to outsource to Morocco"


High quality and Customer Experience at best possible price

NewCo develops unique distributed near-offshore model for Belgian market


Transparency, expertise, engagement

Multi Lingual Near- and Offshore Contact Center Solutions

NewCo is your partner for providing the next generation support to your customers. Our refreshing approach combines a unique quality of service with very competitive pricing models, with a superior and truly flexible technical infrastructure. NewCo stands for a 100% transparency towards its clients.

NewCo has an impressive track record of successful partnerships, in which we function as the driving force behind customer satisfaction, and help to improve the clients’ understanding of their own customers’ expectations.


In such a relationship of equals, our company definitely contributes to the major gains that can be made in budget & cost control, quality approach, and enhanced sales & marketing activities of our clients.

The personal track record of both founders and managing directors outside the Outsourcing business contributes to a perfect match between client expectation and day-to-day operations.

Going the extra mile
without frontiers ”