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White papers

10 Reasons for Belgian organizations to outsource to Morocco.

Although the massive increase in self-service and the rapid emergence of crowdsourcing, the labor cost of the contact center agents still remains for most organizations the major cost and concern and takes a significant portion from the total customer service budget. In order to remain competitive companies have to constantly look for more clever ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their contact center workforce. Workforce management systems, process automation, channel-blending techniques and desktop analytics are the most common practices and methods applied to increase the agent productivity .. - DOWNLOAD THE FULL WHITE PAPER



A short introduction on N.P.S. to better understand why NewCo uses this tool. What can we learn from this and even more important, what can our customers learn of the result and background of these results. It is not only the quality of the customer service but also the quality of the ‘product’ that determinates NPS scores. - DOWNLOAD THE FULL WHITE PAPER


Multi-Channel Management.

For a lot of people ‘Multi Channel management’ is a known expression; but do we really understand the implications of day to management of these new communication Channels. The customer management ‘Community recognizes ‘Multi-Channel’ as a term; this report aims to reveal the extent to which it is a business reality. - DOWNLOAD THE FULL WHITE PAPER