Human rights statement


As a new signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, NewCo Communciations respects and supports human rights throughout its operations and business activities and is committed to avoid complicity in human rights abuse. Our commitment is also expressed in the behaviors that we promote in our Code of Ethics, Equal Opportunity Policy and Supplier Policy.  Our business operations are governed by processes and procedures aimed at guaranteeing the respect of human rights. As of 2023, we will communicate transparently on our progress in promoting human rights in our UN Global Compact  Report.

Human Rights & Employees

Employees are our first asset. Therefore, NewCo Communications complies with all national laws and promotes human rights throughout its operations. No form of harassment, discrimination or favoritism is tolerated and there is a grievance mechanism in place to investigate on any potential abuse. NewCo Communications strives to create the best possible working environment for its employees and has a Health & Safety policy in place aiming at managing occupational health and safety hazards.

Child Labor and Forced Labor

NewCo Communications condemns any form of child and forced labor. We uphold an environment where work is voluntary and employees are free to terminate their employment.