NewCo Communications chosen by medtech company Rods&Cones for their Customer Experience services

We are excited to announce that NewCo Communications has been chosen by Rods&Cones as a partner for their customer experience service activities.

Rods&Cones is a global leader in remote assistance solutions for medical environments, with headquarters in Amsterdam and Turnhout.  They offer a revolutionary new technology that enables medtech experts, assisting surgeons, medical students, and other healthcare professionals to see and communicate with surgeons working in any OR, anywhere in the world – in real-time.

As a consequence of their rapid expansion, Rods&Cones partnered as of March 2021 with NewCo Communications for product coaching, technical support, user and hospital on-boarding and other customer service demands.

NewCo will service Rods&Cones from their offices in Barcelona (Spain), currently providing  support  in 5 languages: German, Spanish, Italian, French and English.   This new project  accounts for a further internationalization of our Barcelona branch.

We are really excited to accompany Rods&Cones in their journey towards undoubted success” states Eddy Van de Poel (NewCo’s Chief Client Officer) .  “An innovative product, that challenges the status quo, is a perfect fit with the way we see our customer experience services”.

Being able to start this journey together from the very beginning, makes it even more exciting!” adds David Braux (NewCo’s Managing Director in Barcelona). “Having Rods&Cones as a real partner in defining process, setting up the teams and building our tailor-made platform has been a blast!”.

Rods&Cones’ CEO and Founding Partner, Bruno Dheedene, affirmed by stating: “I’m really impressed by the way NewCo understood our needs, right from our first conversations back in Q3 2020. Seeing our customer experience centre up and running today, set-up in such a short time, yet so professional, only confirms we made the right decision choosing for NewCo”.

NewCo Communications appoints new Site Director for Casablanca office

We are very excited to announce today the appointment of our new Site Director of NCC Casablanca, Mrs. Imane Fekhreddine.

Imane joins us from Gentis Recruitment where she held different management positions over the last 6+ years. Her broad experience will help us to further grow and deliver great value and support to our clients and partners.

Together with NewCo’s Chief Operating Officer, Gaël Morange, she will be at
the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the further expansion of NewCo’s operations in Casablanca, in synergy with our branches in Barcelona and Valencia, and as such prepare the company for an exhilarant and successful future!

Imane, we wish you the best of luck in this new adventure!

Happy New Year 2021!

NewCo Communications wishes everybody a wonderful start of 2021!

NewCo Communications signs Long Term Partnership with LEBARA Germany

After an intense selection and auditing process, NewCo Communications is pleased to announce it has been awarded LEBARA Germany’s multilingual customer support business.

LEBARA Germany is part of the LEBARA Group, that was founded in 2001, and has developed into an established telecommunications provider in five countries in Europe.  LEBARA is specialised in “ethnic mobile communications”, a brand for people whose family members, friends and business partners are spread across several countries. LEBARA helps these people to stay connected across borders, generations and cultures.

NewCo Communications will service LEBARA Germany from its offices in Casablanca (Morocco), supporting 3 Lines of Business: General Customer Service (voice, chat, e-mail, social media), Video Identification and 2nd Level Verification, and this in 4 languages: German, Polish, Romanian, and English.  This new project  accounts for an additional 50+ new hires who started earlier, on the 1st of October 2020.

Being granted this exciting new project, and this during one of the most challenging economic times in recent history, makes me, and the company as a whole, extremely proud.” says Eddy Van de Poel Chief Client Officer at NewCo Communications.

This has been a great team effort”, continues Marc Ternest, CEO of NewCo Communications. “Being awarded LEBARA Germany’s business is an honor, and is the result of the hard work and dedication of people form different teams who came together as one”.

“We are looking forward to our partnership and believe that we have the right partner at our side to provide our customers with the high level of service they are used to.”, says Claus Jepp, the new Managing Director of LEBARA Germany.

At NewCo Communications we believe, together with LEBARA, that every customer is important and every customer experience is an opportunity to connect, to share, and to engage.

Together we are ready to take LEBARA to the next level and provide a best-in-class customer experience.

NewCo Communications moving to new offices in Barcelona

As of the 1st of July we will be operating from our new offices in Barcelona!

Expansion and continuous growth (even in these difficult times) have given us the opportunity  to move to a new, state of the art building, just around the corner from our former offices!

“Our new space is completely adapted to modern office life”, states NewCo’s CEO, Marc Ternest.  “It is bright and spacious, transparent and open, just the way we approach our business” he continues.

The offices comply with the highest ISM-standards, and have next to a communal kitchen, smaller break out areas, numerous cozy training and meeting rooms… a beautiful terrace offering a 360ª view of our beloved Barcelona. We might even see our colleagues in Casablanca from up there! 🙂

We will gradually move into the new building, with occupation rates based on the recommendations of the Spanish government.  In the mean time, our work-from-home solutions will be maintained.

You can find us at:
NCC Barcelona
Av. Diagonal 131 – 3rd floor
08018 Barcelona

NewCo Communications – Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) – 31/03/2020

At NewCo communication we continue to closely follow and act upon the development of the COVID-19 outbreak which is having an unprecedented effect on the (economic) world.

As of today, 31/03, the Spanish government has imposed even more severe confinement rules in an attempt to gain control over the current situation.  The new set of rules imply that all non-essential businesses will be closed until the 9th of April 2020.

Thanks to the swift reaction of our “Emergency Response Team” we were able to set-up over the weekend, a work from home solution for our remaining staff, meaning that all Barcelona employees are now servicing our clients from their homes.

In Casablanca, the governmental lock-down rules have not changed since the last update, and people can, until further notice, still travel to and from work.  But as we are aware that the current circumstances can change at any given moment we have further rolled out, over the past week, a work from home solution for our people, resulting today in 82% of our Casablanca staff securing service for our clients from within the safety of their homes.

These times request flexibility and innovation from all of us, and we have seen it brings out the best of our people.

NewCo Communications - Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 21/03/2020

As over the past week, the spread of the Coronavirus gained momentum in both Morocco and Spain, we intensified our efforts as well to ensure the well-being of our people, our clients and our clients’ customers.

As mentioned in an earlier update, and as part of our Business Continuity Plan, our emergency response team prepared over the past weekend, special “home-kits” (including updated pc, headsets,…).  From a first test with a reduced number of agents on Monday, we gradually rolled out a work-from-home solution for both our offices in Casablanca and Barcelona.  

Today we are pleased (and proud) to announce that more than 50% of our people are serving our clients from within the safety of their homes.  

We will keep monitoring the situation, and an even further deployment of work-from-home solutions are being prepared.

In these unprecedented times, we have seen the commitment and the passion of our people, of the different teams in Casablanca and Barcelona, acting as one to continue to offer a safe work environment for our people and finding innovative solutions to support you, our clients and partners..

NewCo Communications - Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 15/03/2020

Further to the latest developments that took place over the weekend, NewCo Communications would like to inform you about the current status and the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on our business.

As a consequence of the increasing number of infections (mainly in Madrid), the Spanish Government has declared the “state of emergency” for the next 15 days.  This implies, similar to the measures in Belgium and The Netherlands, closing all shops and restaurants, but also limiting people’s movements.  Exceptions to the rule are visits to pharmacies and supermarkets, and traveling to and from work.  This means the measures will have, for the moment being, a limited effect on the operations in Barcelona, and our office will be open for business until further notice.
As part of our Business Continuity Plan, our emergency response team has been working over the weekend, to prepare special home-kits (including updated pc, headsets,…) in the event employees are restricted to come to the office.

As the spread of the Coronavirus in Morocco, and more specifically in Casablanca, remains very limited, the measures taken by the Moroccan government (suspending flights to many European countries, limit gatherings and closing schools) won’t be reflected on our daily operations.

As mentioned in the former update, the well-being and safety of our people is, and will always be, our main priority!  The actions and guidelines that we have implemented since the beginning of the outbreak (see first update), have helped us to limit the risk of contamination among our employees. Hence, we are happy to say that up until now no confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in any of our offices.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and act accordingly.  But, please be assured that we are doing everything within our possibilities to face this crisis, and to ensure continuity for both our employees and clients. 

As conditions are changing day by day, it goes without saying, we appreciate our clients’ partnership and trust during these unseen circumstances.

NewCo Communications - Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At NewCo Communications, we are closely monitoring the latest developments with respect to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Currently there are limited confirmed cases in Barcelona and very limited confirmed cases in Casablanca, resulting (today) in a low risk of impact on our daily business.

NewCo has already taken steps to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees, reviewing business continuity plans and working to implement guidelines to minimize the risk of contamination.

In summary:

  • Updated information for our staff on the signs of infection.
  • Sharing recommendations on hygiene.
  • Non-essential travel has been put on hold.
  • Meetings are conducted by video conference.
  • Working from home has been encouraged where possible.
  • Cleaning routines across all of our facilities are strengthened, and hygiene and sanitation in the shared office areas have been increased.


As Marc Ternest, NewCo Communications’ CEO states: “We are very well aware of the fact that the current situation is very dynamic, so we will monitor, update and revise our action plan accordingly to the advice of the Moroccan and Spanish government”.

At NewCo, we are confident about our precautionary measures, but we are aware that the events can take a turn at any given moment, due to (local) governmental actions that might have an impact on the operation of our services.

We will be in touch with our clients to discuss possible business continuity plans.

No matter how the situation evolves, clients can count on the NewCo Communications’ team!

Call Center agent a bottleneck profession? Not in our sites in Barcelona, Valencia and Casablanca!

Earlier this month, the Flemish Employment and Training Agency (VDAB), published its yearly list of “bottleneck professions” (knelpuntberoepen). Bottleneck professions are a persistent problem for a wide range of occupations in Belgium and among this year’s Top 5, we found “Call Center Agent” in 4th position.

We are fully aware that over the last years it has become very difficult to find the right people in the customer service industry in Belgium, but in our experience that doesn’t apply if you are willing to look a bit further” states NewCo’s CEO, Marc Ternest.

From the offices in Casablanca, Barcelona and Valencia, NewCo provides contact center services for leading Belgian multinationals and SMEs for 10 years now. “During all those years we have been able to find without any problem, high educated, motivated and native Dutch and French speakers, who are providing an outstanding service for our clients and their customers” Marc Ternest continues.

The main bottleneck vacancies in Belgium will most probably not diminished, and surely we will find Call Centre agents in the top 10 again next year. But in the meanwhile NewCo Communications will continue to offer innovative and above all cost-efficient end-to-end solutions for it’s clients, with the help of it’s native employees, it’s Customer Ambassadors. They are the heart of the organisation and play a key role in delivering the excellent customer experience we are known for.

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