Helping others is at the heart of what we do at NewCo Communications. We are committed to giving back to local communities, as we see it as being part of our social responsibility.

That’s why earlier this month, we organized a collection among our staff at NCC Casablanca, collecting food and clothes for the “Dar El Houda” orphanage in Tanger. Dar El Houda provides a safe and caring place for orphans and elderly in 3 different locations in Tanger. In addition to emotional care and shelter, education is offered with the perspective of giving the orphans a better future.

A teams of volunteers of our NCC Casablanca staff collected the goods at our office in Casablanca, and drove 400km north to personally hand over the collected food and clothes, and to get to know the care center and the children.

All help is welcome, and all donations will make a difference.