At NewCo communication we continue to closely follow and act upon the development of the COVID-19 outbreak which is having an unprecedented effect on the (economic) world.

As of today, 31/03, the Spanish government has imposed even more severe confinement rules in an attempt to gain control over the current situation.  The new set of rules imply that all non-essential businesses will be closed until the 9th of April 2020.

Thanks to the swift reaction of our “Emergency Response Team” we were able to set-up over the weekend, a work from home solution for our remaining staff, meaning that all Barcelona employees are now servicing our clients from their homes.

In Casablanca, the governmental lock-down rules have not changed since the last update, and people can, until further notice, still travel to and from work.  But as we are aware that the current circumstances can change at any given moment we have further rolled out, over the past week, a work from home solution for our people, resulting today in 82% of our Casablanca staff securing service for our clients from within the safety of their homes.

These times request flexibility and innovation from all of us, and we have seen it brings out the best of our people.