Further to the latest developments that took place over the weekend, NewCo Communications would like to inform you about the current status and the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on our business.

As a consequence of the increasing number of infections (mainly in Madrid), the Spanish Government has declared the “state of emergency” for the next 15 days.  This implies, similar to the measures in Belgium and The Netherlands, closing all shops and restaurants, but also limiting people’s movements.  Exceptions to the rule are visits to pharmacies and supermarkets, and traveling to and from work.  This means the measures will have, for the moment being, a limited effect on the operations in Barcelona, and our office will be open for business until further notice.
As part of our Business Continuity Plan, our emergency response team has been working over the weekend, to prepare special home-kits (including updated pc, headsets,…) in the event employees are restricted to come to the office.

As the spread of the Coronavirus in Morocco, and more specifically in Casablanca, remains very limited, the measures taken by the Moroccan government (suspending flights to many European countries, limit gatherings and closing schools) won’t be reflected on our daily operations.

As mentioned in the former update, the well-being and safety of our people is, and will always be, our main priority!  The actions and guidelines that we have implemented since the beginning of the outbreak (see first update), have helped us to limit the risk of contamination among our employees. Hence, we are happy to say that up until now no confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in any of our offices.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and act accordingly.  But, please be assured that we are doing everything within our possibilities to face this crisis, and to ensure continuity for both our employees and clients. 

As conditions are changing day by day, it goes without saying, we appreciate our clients’ partnership and trust during these unseen circumstances.